Getting started

Weebly is a free online web page builder that allows you to edit your web page through an ajax interface and also includes the ability to set up multiple blogs. Weebly is one of my favourite ways to create a web site and I am currently running my own web site using the weebly editor. You can get started by creating your own free account.


Weeblytutorial is a great resource to help you create your site. You can also search youtube for other tutorials.


Teachers can setup an education account that allows them to create a web site for each of their students. A teacher can set up four classes and have up to 40 students in each class.

There is a special deal for schools and districts. I haven't heard of anyone using it yet, weebly education was only released in November 2009, but the weebly platform has a lot of potential in a school.

Students need to log in via

Going Pro

You can go pro and get these extra features for $4.99 a month. If you are an educator this also means that all of your student accounts also go pro and they can upload videos and audio files.