RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are ways to bring your favourite parts of the web to you rather that spend time searching for new content. There are many different ways to read the RSS feeds, this page will show some of the most popular.

What is RSS?

There are many different programs and ways to bring the RSS feeds to you. Below I include links of some of the most popular and perhaps most useful to you. I split my RSS feeds into different readers. I follow work related applications via mail on my laptop to keep me more focused at work, and others via google reader which is web based so I can pick it up anywhere and I can sync to my ipod touch and some other RSS readers.

Using RSS in mac mail

Watch this great tutorial embedded below to show you how to add an RSS feed to mac mail. If you want to find more about how to use a mac visit here.

Google Reader
If you currently have a google account you also have access to a news aggregator called google reader. Using a web based reader means you access it anywhere.

What do I follow?

There are thousands of feeds that you could choose from. What you follow depends on your interests. There are many best of blog lists around and each year some web sites vote on these. For education edublogs is a good place to start and they host awards that bring the best of educational blogs to the attention of educators.

A list of some of my blogs is on this igoogle feed.
The iLearn technology blog alliance has their list here.

Create a RSS home page

You can create a personalized homepages such as NetVibes, PageFlakes, ProtoPage, iGoogle
Here is my netvibes page that I use to keep track of all of my student blogs.

RSS tutorial videos