Diigo is an online social bookmarking web site, similar to delicious, that allows you to keep your bookmarks on the web, and share great resources with others. Diigo has a few extra functions to delicious that I have found very useful, such as embedding lists of bookmarked web sites. All lists are also available by RSS feeds and you can access them via a RSS reader.

What is Diigo?

The Diigo toolbar

The Diigo toolbar allows you to access all of your bookmarks straight from your browser such as Firefox. You can also quickly add extra bookmarks clicking on the tab at the top. If you use a browser that does not support the toolbar you can also use the Diigo diigolet.

Diigo tutorial

Diigo educator

You can also set up a Diigo educator account that allows you to create an account that you control for each of your students.

Diigo RSS feeds

One of the great features of Diigo is the ability to set up linkroll RSS feeds from tag words to appear anywhere you wish. You can have these feeds appearing on your website, into your netvibes page or on your wiki. You can set up linkrolls by going to tools in your Diigo account located up on the top right and clicking on linkrolls. Put in the tags that you want that linkroll to link to. For instance if you only want math links appearing on the math page of your website, then write math in the tag bar. Now everytime you bookmark a webiste and tag it math in Diigo it will appear in that linkroll. You can embed that linkroll in your website. If you want the RSS feed for netvibes you will need to go to where it is published and copy the RSS link from the url bar.

Use this Diigo blog post to show you how to do it.

Further information

This web site has excellent reources for using Diigo as does this one.

My Diigo Tags